Diagnostic Breast Imaging Services

Our patients have the opportunity to have their digital mammogram done in our breast center at the time of their visit.  Immediate radiology interpretation is available as well as diagnostic ultrasounds, if indicated, without a separate visit.

Ultrasound guided breast biopsies are also performed in our office, many times on the same day as your initial visit.

Dr. Roseman has published articles on Breast Imaging and Biopsies:

Do I really Need that Mammogram?

When you need more than a Mammogram​​

Surgical Management of Breast Disease

Our newly-diagnosed cancer patients are offered the latest in treatment options ranging from breast conservation to​ skin and nipple-sparing mastectomy techniques.

We work closely with a team of plastic reconstructive surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists to offer our patients the latest advances in treatment. 


High Risk Screening

There are many factors that contribute to your average risk for breast cancer.  A risk factor is something that may be linked to a higher chance of getting cancer but does not necessarily mean you will develop breast cancer, it means you have a greater risk of getting the disease.  These risk factors include, age, diet, family history, personal history (including atypia) and lifestyles.


We utilize various risk assessment tools to individualize your care, counseling and follow up.

Partial Breast Radiation

Partial Breast Radiation is a form of breast conservation therapy that enables eligible patients to receive breast cancer treatment for early-stage breast cancer in just five days rather than having to endure six weeks of whole breast radiation or a mastectomy.

Working in tandem with your radiation oncologist, we help coordinate the procedure and stay in constant communication with your other physicians for the best outcome possible.   More information