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Additional Services Offered

Personalized Breast Cancer Risk Evaluation and Individualized Screening Programs

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A Risk Factor is something that may be linked to a higher chance of getting cancer, but does not necessarily mean you will develop Breast Cancer.  Breast Cancer risk factors include, age, family history, and personal history of Breast Cancer (including atypia).  Diet, medications, and other lifestyle factors may also be important


We utilize various risk assessment tools to individualize your care, and send high risk patients for Genetic Counseling and Screening.  We develop a personalized Breast Cancer Screening Program for every patient, depending on their risk, utilizing various types of imaging at different intervals, to be sure any Breast Cancers are detected at an early stage.


Partial Breast Radiation (APBI)

Accelerated Partial Breast Radiation is a form of breast conservation therapy that enables some patients to receive breast cancer treatment for early-stage breast cancer in just five days, rather than the standard five to six week course of whole breast radiation.

Working in tandem with your radiation oncologist, we help coordinate the procedure, then place the breast radiation catheter in our office, under local anesthesia.

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