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Diagnostic Breast Imaging Services - Ultrasound

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Ultrasound is a powerful tool to visualize what is going in inside the Breast.  It is "non-invasive" in that it is painless and does not involve radiation, only harmless sound waves.


Diagnostic Ultrasound is used to evaluate lumps or masses within the breast, and is superior to Mammography in diagnosing Cysts, Benign Tumors, and Infections.

Ultrasound is also an excellent means to determine if a Breast Mass is "suspicious" and therefore should be biopsied.  We then use Ultrasound to precisely guide the biopsy.

Our office has 3 New "State-of-the-art" Hand Held Ultrasound Machines.  Real Time Ultrasound is performeed by Drs. Roseman and Siwawa, who are trained and certified to read Ultrasound Images.

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