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Mastectomy Post Op Instructions

  • Please leave Ace Wrap/Compression Wrap in place until your first follow-up appointment. The Wrap can be adjusted for comfort, make sure to avoid wrinkles when  re-wrapping. 

  • Keep the dressings clean and dry for the first 72 hours. You may take a sponge bath during this time. After 72 hours, you may remove the outer bandages only and take a shower. Leave any steri-strips in place. Gently pat your wound dry and leave open to air. No soaking in a bathtub or swimming, until Dr. Roseman releases you to do so.

  • If you have steri-strips over your incision (white paper tape), leave these on until they fall off on their own. They will slowly curl up and peel. The loose edges can be trimmed.

  • If you have sutures or staples on your incision, they will be removed during your follow-up appointments. These may be covered with steri-strips for extra support.

  • You may have surgical drain(s) in place after surgery. This will prevent fluid or blood from collecting inside the wound. If you have a drain in place, you will not be allowed to shower until the drain is removed.  You may take a sponge bath. You will be given instructions on drain care. The drain will be removed in the office during your follow-up visits. We recommend you keep a record of the drainage output and bring it with you to all your appointments.

  • Avoid overuse of your arms, exercise, and excessive range of motion with your upper extremities until your follow up appointment. This will help to decrease the risk of swelling, bruising, and pain.

  • You will have a lifting restriction for at least 6 weeks following surgery. Please do not lift, move, carry, push, or pull any objects weighing more than 5 pounds.

  • You may resume normal activities as you feel you are able. You should be up walking around your home several times per day after surgery. This improves circulation and helps prevent complications. Walking outside and climbing stairs is acceptable. You are encouraged to increase activity level gradually. 

  • You may return to work or school as you feel you are ready, with lifting restrictions in mind. We are happy to provide you with a letter or fill out paperwork required by your employer.

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