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Diagnostic Breast Imaging Services - Screening and Diagnostic Mammography


The rapid advances in Mammography Imaging over the past few years allow our Breast Radiologists to see an amazing amount of detail.  They can identify most cancers at a very early stage.


We have a new Siemens Tomography Mammogram Machine, that takes a wide "3-D" view of the breast by rotating during the image capture.  This technology helps see through "Dense" Breast Tissue, and distinguishes true abnormalities from artifacts due to overlap of breast tissue.

Our patients have the benefit of Immediate Radiology Interpretation within minutes of the mammogram - "Real Time Reading" while you wait in an exam room.  If additional diagnostic views or an ultrasound is is recommended, this can be performed during the same visit.​

Here are links to articles written by Dr. Roseman on the subject of Mammography:

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